Bowdoin Independent Study Projects Supervised
Clare Bates Congdon
Bowdoin College Department of Computer Science

"Machine Learning in R", Lessard and Cloutier, Spring 2016

“Hematology System Performance and Sample Integrity Determination from Automated Scatter Plot Analysis”, Ericson (MS project), Spring 2015

“Genetic-Based Machine Learning for Satellite Image Classification”, Lawrence (MS project), Spring 2014
“3d Kidney Imaging Reconstruction”, Ericson, Spring 2014

“Neural Nets”, Gagne and Lawrence, Spring 2013
“AI and Games”, Tellier, Spring 2013
“Genetics-Based Machine Learning”, Lawrence, Fall 2012
“Bioinformatics”, Dugan, Fall 2012
“Learning to Play Computer Games”, Gagne (MS project), Fall 2012, Spring 2013
“Predicting Traffic on the Maine Turnpike Using Neural Networks”, Swain (MS project), Fall 2012, Spring 2013
“Advanced AI for Agent-Based Games”, Gagne and Knowlton, Fall 2012

“A Machine Learning Model of Traffic Forecasting”, Swain, Spring 2012
“A Rule-Based Evolutionary System for Ms. Pac Man”, Gagne, Spring 2012
“Autonomous Robots” Downs, Fall 2011, Spring 2012
“A User-Friendly Theater Cueing System” Shannon, Fall 2011, Spring 2012

“Evolutionary Computation for Intelligent Agents”, Bojarski (masters project), Spring 2011
“Bioinformatics Tools for Peptide Prediction”, Olson (masters project), Spring 2011

“Complex Adaptive Systems”, Hayes, Fall 2010
“Computational Cognitive Science”, Tyrol, Spring 2010

“Research in Evolutionary Approaches to Adaptive Real-Time Agents” Fitzgerald (masters project) and Small, Fall 2008, Spring 2009

“Research in Real-Time Agent-Based Systems”, (Fitzgerald, Kemeraitis, and Small), Spring 2008

“Complex Adaptive Systems and Genetic Epistasis” (Goth, honors project), 2006-07
“Interactive Evolutionary Art” (Cook, honors project), 2006-07
“User-Centered Design of a Web-Based Fundraising System” (Snook), Fall 2006

“Learning Classifier Systems and Evolutionary Robotics” (Smith, honors project), 2004-05
“A Complex Systems Approach to Researching Behavioral Trends” (Wrenn, honors project), 2004-05
“Genetic Algorithms and C” (Mwai), Fall 2004
“Prediction of Ocean Swells” (Goldsmith) Spring 2005
“Prediction of Emergency Room Lengths of Stay” (Wrenn), Spring 2005

“Designing and Implementing a User-Focused Web-Based Database System” (Noiseux, honors project), 2003-04
“Visual Expectations: Using Machine Learning to Identify Patterns in Psychological Data” (Place, senior project), 2003-04
“Improving Multi-Robot Area Mapping Abilities Using Genetic Algorithms” (Sotzing, senior project), 2003-04
“Hypertypography: JavaScript and DHTML” (LaRochelle, Lee, Roberts), Spring 2004
“Small Robots”, (Smith), Spring 2004

“3D Interactive Media” (Hobart, independent major), 2002-03
“Evolutionary Robotics” (Mann, honors project), 2002-03
“The Coolest MUD Ever” (Radloff, honors project), 2002-03
“HTML and JavaScript” (Newcomb), Fall 2002
“Small Robots” (Sotzing), January 2003
“Information Sharing in an Artificial Society” (Place), Spring 2003
“An Exploration of Complex Adaptive Systems” (Birt), Spring 2003
“Investigations in Complexity Theory” (Donihue), Spring 2003
“Interactive Theater Lighting Control” (Shaw), Spring 2003
“Interactive Flash Animations” (DiNardo), Spring 2003

“Interrelated Digital Media” (Merryman, independent major), 2001-02
“A Complex Systems Model of Competition for Resources” (Casazza, senior project), 2001-02
“Interactive Art” (Hobart), January 2002, Spring 2002
“Musical Words: Translating Text Into Sound and Rhythm” (Multari), Spring 2002

“Flash Animations” (Creelman), Spring 2001
“Interactive Art” (Merryman), Spring 2001
“Interactive Art” (Mateosian), Fall 2000
“Teaching Robotics” (Roderick), Fall 2000
“Parallel Genetic Algorithms” (Weinberg), Fall 2000

“Hypertypography and WWW Art” (Creelman, Lieberman, Merryman, O’Connell), Fall 1999
“Robot Navigation and Machine Learning” (Ireland, senior scholars project), 1999-2000
“Cultural Evolution and Emergent Civilization” (Aykroyd, senior scholars project), 1999-2000

“Small Robots” (Ireland), Spring 1999

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