The RDCA: Red Delicious are Crappy Apples


The RDCA: A Brief History

In the Spring of 1992, three graduate students at the University of Michigan -- Clare Congdon, Craig Miller, and Tom Montgomery -- went out for a seemingly uneventful lunch at a nearby restaurant. The three were confronted with a take-out special on red delicious apples; this led to small talk about red delicious apples that revealed that the three were united in their high disregard for this fruit. It was soon decided to form an organization, the RDCA.

We envisioned ourselves writing letters to airlines and restaurants and convenience stores, demanding to be served apples that have some flavor and texture. We envisioned boycotts and pickets. Instead, we ended up with a poetry-writing campaign. Membership in the RDCA has been granted to those who submit an original poem deriding the red delicious apple. The founding members' poetry appears below.


Poems by Founding Members

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